Getting Started: Finding Out More About You

There are two very distinct parts of who we are as people.  There is what we were born with that we have no control over; and, then there is how we decide to live our lives.  Nonetheless, who we are, as individuals, is solely rooted in our relationship with God through Jesus Christ.  With that being said, let’s take a snapshot of you and take a look at who God made you to be.  To do this, we have two assessments we would like for you to take.

Spiritual Gifts

There are many spiritual gifts that are discussed in the Bible.  These gifts are given to us by the Holy Spirit and are meant to build up the Church and its people.  Do you know what your spiritual gifts are?  If not, it’s okay.  Either way, here is a free Spiritual Gifts Test that will help you to identify what gifts God may have given to you.  We recommend to all of our members that they take this test.  Although there is no guarantee that the test will be accurate, this will at least give you some thoughts to consider as it relates to your gifting.

Spiritual Gifts Tests

After taking the test, please save and email a copy of your results to us at  We want to help you understand and utilize your gifts.

Personality Assessment

In addition to the Spiritual Test, we also would like for you to take one of our recommended personality tests.  We would like to learn more about you and how we might help you grow mentally, spiritually, physically, and emotionally.  These Assessments will help us understand you better as well as give you more information about yourself.  As with the Spiritual Gifts Test, nothing will be 100% accurate.  These Tests and Assessments are only a snapshot into who you really are.  We are all dynamic individual creations and we are likely to change and evolve as we experience life.  So, these tests are merely a picture of you at a given moment.

The Flag Page Test.  Although we prefer that you take this assessment, this one will cost you $15 to take.

Open DISC Assessment.  This one is completely free.

Again, please save and email your results to us  so that we might be able to assist you in your discipleship journey.