Branch Groups

It Takes a Village for One to Grow

The Vine is not a church with small groups.  It is a church that is composed of small groups.  Our groups are an integral part of the church’s structure and help to ensure that people are actively participating and growing in the Body of Christ.

In the early church, the Gospel of Jesus Christ was brought to people in small home group settings.  This allowed for people to ask questions and build strong relationships with other new believers.  This system of spreading the Gospel is still relevant and very powerful to today’s church.  With this understanding, The Vine encourages all members to get involved in a home (Branch) group.  This is where a great deal of the spiritual growth takes place.

Learn together.  Share with one another.  Grow together.  Just as it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a village to build up disciples.

See the schedule of our upcoming small groups.