We Are One

There are many things that keep people separated and divided from one another. This is, in part, due to our lack of understanding of the Holy Spirit. As believers, we are to be one with the Spirit and with one another. Ultimately, God is concerned with our relationship with him and with one another. The entire Bible is about relationships. With that said, being on one accord with Body of Christ and with the Holy Spirit is a critical component for Faith.

God is spirit and he is the truth. If he dwells in us, we should work toward being one with that spirit that is in us and to speak the truth that he has given to us. (John 4:24) Knowing this, the Holy Spirit will transform us. Now, these are not just colorful words. This has true meaning. If you believe in God and Jesus Christ as our savior, than you have to allow the Holy Spirit to transform your life. His words will be your words. His deeds will become our actions. When you are transformed, you are reminded of his teachings (John 14:26). Our relationships starts with us.

As for our actual relationships with one another, we are all one in the same Spirit. Given this fact, our interactions with one another should be guided by the Spirit (1 Cor 12:13). Being of one Spirit doesn’t mean that we are uniformed in everything we do and say, but it does mean that we unified in how we relate to one another. We are here to serve one another. We are not here to be selfish or vain. We are here to serve one another in Love (Phil 2:1-4). It doesn’t matter who you are or anyone else, we are all bound together by one Spirit.

What Do You Really Own?

I’m going to say this because some folks need to hear it. Learning that you don’t permanently “OWN” anything is one of the greatest lessons a person can learn. Some may not get it now, but one day your own body will rebel against you. When it does, then you will understand that you don’t even own it. So, what makes you think you own anything else? Ownership is not permanent. It merely means that you have a temporary responsibility for something. This is stewardship.  For some, this may seem to be a frightening thought. But when you truly understand it, you will be freed by it. Because then, God can use you to do his work and you can have great joy while doing it. You are able to speak the truth without the burden of trying to prove something or ensuring that the other person understands. When you speak Truth, GOD IS IN CONTROL. Let go and let God handle it. Do you believe in his promises? If yes, there is nothing to fear when you truly give everything to him. Understanding this concept is the hard part. Doing it is easier.

Leadership Requires Teaching

Day 18 – Yesterday we had a awesome group meeting at our church where we discussed teachers, pastors, and leaders. We talked about how difficult it is to lead and how leaders are often judged more harshly than others. This discussion brought me to a spiritual crossroads that is of extreme importance. Leadership is NOT about setting oneself apart from everyone else. Leadership is NOT about being celebrated by one’s followers. Leadership IS about showing others how to lead. We do this by showing everyone Godly love regardless of what they may do or say. We do this unconditionally because this is how you model God’s principles. Hopefully people will follow this example and return the same level of love. But if they don’t, we must stay firm as a rock and live and breathe the love we want. My good friends know this about me. My love and friendship is forever. If we have to fight and argue about things from time to time, it is worth it. Loyalty and commitment means everything. So, if we have to have a hard conversation about something either of us did, then it is something that must be done out of love. This is loyalty and commitment. Loving someone means you help them to be the best they can be and not letting them settle for mediocre. If you are my friend, we do life together. The ups and downs. It is what love is made of. It is a product of trials and fire. We win together. We lose together. I’m not walking away from you. So, if we ever stop being friends, you are always welcome to comeback when your ready. With that said, one last note. Jesus didn’t JUST come to prove how awesome he was. He came to show us that we can also do it! We can follow in his footsteps whenever we are ready. So, today… remember to lead by teaching others to lead. 

Love & Relationships

I hope you have been pondering the spiritual concept of Love. As I mentioned on Sunday, I wanted to ensure that you had the scripture references that I used. So, here they are…

Mark 12: 29-31
1 John 4:8

John 3:16
1 Corinthians 13:4-8
John 15: 12-17

Colossians 3:14
Matthew 7: 21-27 I didn’t share on Sunday but this speaks to relationships

Folks. I know I’m using a lot of scripture to discuss love and relationship, but God and his Word is crystal clear about this subject. Love is a cornerstone of our Faith and it is universal Truth. When we love as we should, we are truly free.